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Parking in the town of Piran and in the municipality

For entry and parking in the city center of Piran from 1.6. to 31 8. you pay 5 € / hour.
In the remaining period you pay 3 € / hour. You do not pay for parking if you stay in the city for up to 15 minutes.

There are two garage houses next to the town. The closest to the city is the garage house Arze. It is set on a hill next to the cemetery, a 7-minute walk from the center of Piran. The price of parking is 1.50 € / hour.

The next garage house is in Fornače near the coast, a 12-minute walk from the center of Piran. The price of parking is 1.90 € / hour. Near this garage there is a free minibus stop to the city center and back.

• Parking in Fiesa is 1 € / hour from 1.7. To 31.8. Parking is free for the rest of the time.
• Parking in Strunjan is 1.50 € / hour.
• Parking in Portorož is 1.50 € / hour.
• Parking in Lucia is 1.00 € / hour, the first hour of parking is free.

Parking regimes change frequently. You can also check them out at:


Entrance to the beaches along the Slovenian coast is free. Admission is free. You pay only the parking
fee, rent of deck chairs or umbrellas and other services.

On the northern side of the Piran peninsula there are mostly natural beaches. These are the most beautiful, but the access
to some it is slightly more difficult (Moon bay, Fiesa, White Rocks).

The beaches on the south side of the Piran peninsula are mostly artificially organized, sandy, rocky or paved. The official beaches are properly marked, they have prepared first aid and rescue from the water. In the remaining areas, bathing is organized at your own risk.

The official beaches are located in the areas in front of the individual hotels and in the center of Portoroz.